Review of Cryptalker

Review of Cryptalker

Cryptalker is an informational site which provides the users with all the resource an individual need to know about crypto currency and bitcoins. It is a free website and provides free articles to people to make them educated in terms of crypto currency.

How does bitcoin work?

First, the user needs to install bitcoin wallet, sign in the bitcoin and share his address with friends and family to exchange money. The blockchain is a balancer of bitcoin on which the entire bitcoin network depends. Block chain maintains the entire transactions list and verifies the new transactions before confirming them. A transaction is a private key which transfers values between bitcoin wallets. All the transactions are displayed on the network and are usually accepted in 10-20 minutes through a process called mining. Mining is a divided consensus system used to confirm the transactions. Thus the transaction is made. This is how bitcoin network works.

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What are the advantages of Cryptalker?

  • It is a very informative website containing articles and recordsall about bitcoin and several other crypto currencies. It is a perfect website for a beginner who can get all the information about how to start dealing in crypto currency.
  • It provides all the latest news relating to crypto currency and the stock market. It provides all the details regarding the relationship between bitcoins and stocks.
  • It is completely legal website and motivates people to do legal transactions only.
  • It utilizes graphics to explain the concept more properly to people. This, in turns, does not turn down the motivation of people to learn this medium of exchange. It has proper categories to make the website look more modular.

What are the disadvantages of Cryptalker?

  • Bitcoin is not a currency under government. At the time of crisis,the government will not help people dealing in such currency
  • People are not yet aware much about cryptocurrency, so at times of crisis, such websites and bitcoins can completely go under loss. People will not trust them at such times will instead use banks.
  • Generally, media supports traditional banks and government agencies which create a fear among people to use such currencies.

Thus,Cryptalker has both positive and negative side. It is not yet used so much which just 40 million peoplehave bitcoin wallets. But it can be trending in future and do huge profit to people all over the globe.